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It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve the wealth intelligence needs of the national nonprofit community for the past twenty-five years. My journey began in 1995 when Cape Cod Hospital wanted to know who owned all the million-dollar waterfront homes for an $8 million capital campaign. The nineteenth person that I identified gave a $2.5 million naming gift. That hooked me on the power of wealth intelligence and how I could contribute professionally to the philanthropic missions of important institutions across the country.” – Dave Chase, CEO of Chase Solutions Inc.

We are passionate about our clients and the critical philanthropic missions that they support! 

Comprehensive in-depth profiles like nothing you have ever seen!

Our profiles bring wealth intelligence to a rare level. If you are seeking a million dollar+ gift, this level of information provides actionable information far beyond industry standards.

We excel in finding and analyzing family wealth, especially old money, and families with complicated business holdings. We track inheritance back as far as the 1800s and provide “mini-bios” of family going back generations, along with detailed information on who they know and who they give to. Our clients call these profiles “the Gold Standard” and consider them an essential tool in the philanthropic arsenal.

Sample Inheritance Analysis: Estimated Inheritance $2.4 million+ estimated inheritance from XYZ Wire & Cable Company fortune (great-grandfather had four surviving sons in 1910; his son, left half of his $1 million estate to his 12 nieces and nephews in 1940, assuming the bulk of this was XYZ stock, Duncan’s father, and his three siblings, would each receive one third of the family fortune; this includes $5.5 million in 1960 (worth $45.3 million today, based on CPI) when the family sold 35% of XYZ stock through an IPO – and $21.8 million in Gobble Me Up Inc. in 1970 merger (worth $143 million based on CPI escalator), assuming family controlled the remaining 66% at the time; this puts the total value of the family fortune at $164.8 million today; assuming one third of the fortune went to Duncan’s father, and his three siblings, his father would be in line to inherit about $12 million; assuming Duncan, and his four half-siblings, each received one fifth, his inheritance would be about $2.4 million from the XYZ fortune – not including real estate, addressed below.

We subscribe to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We are members of and subscribe to the codes of ethics of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement, the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, the New England Development Research Association, and the Association for Fundraising Professionals. We believe in the Donor Bill of Rights and scrupulously protect the confidentiality of the prospect research process for the benefit of both those we research and those we conduct research for.

Founded by Dave Chase, a recognized thought leader in the prospect research and wealth intelligence field

Dave Chase


Founder and CEO of Chase Solutions Inc., Freelance Prospect Research Network and International Prospect Research Network

Dave is the founder of Chase Solutions Inc. and our two initiatives The Freelance Prospect Research Network and The International Prospect Research Network. Dave has served on the boards of and as treasurer of the New England Development Research Association and secretary of the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy. He is a national presenter of professional seminars on prospect research and wealth intelligence. He is a member of APRANEAHP, NEDRA, AFP, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Philanthropy Partners of the Cape & Islands, Mayflower Society, Cape Cod Genealogical Society, and BoardSource.

As a fundraiser, he co-founded and served as president of the Hyannis Youth & Community Center Foundation and chaired its successful $6 million capital campaign to build this $25 million Cape Cod community treasure.

Dave recently completed service on the board and executive committee, serving as vice president, treasurer of the corporation, and chair of the development committee, of Cape Cod Child Development, a $13 million child and family services organization.

A tenth generation Cape Codder and Navy veteran, he sails his boat “Mistral” in the waters of the Cape.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our team of seasoned professionals provide a comprehensive solution: in-depth prospect research, outsourcing, consulting, training, mentoring and coaching, prospect research audits and plans, developing prospect research programs, wealth screening management, screening validation, finding new prospects and funders, corporate and foundation research, and special projects.